Altura Estate Agency was founded by Anthony Susa in early 2012. Anthony is a fully licensed agent who has been involved in the property industry for many years. His experience has ranged from labouring & landscaping to now settling into the role as licensed Real Estate Agent.


Anthony Susa was born and raised in Canberra and has seen first hand the substantial changes and growth of Canberra property and further development.

Warmhearted, likable and known for his sense of humor, Anthony Susa is a great communicator. Anthony strongly deems that clients should always understand precisely how their sale is progressing, it is with this priority that Anthony strives to maintain close contact with his clients throughout the sales process.


Anthony Susa is determined to provide the highest possible customer service in helping to accomplish the goals of his clients. Anthony is an extremely driven and energetic businessman.


Anthony lives life with the importance of sustaining a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. His interests vary from Soccer, Rugby League and Tennis.
Anthony also appreciates dining of fine food and wine. He has had the joy of travelling throughout Europe and Asia.


Anthony's philosophies are kept simple in his line of work;
To provide excellent customer service with honesty, reliability and professionalism.